Spruce System Home Page


We are a quoigenic system of 13 headmates. This is our website, crafted up by our Host, Marion & Nadia, that we use for our own personal websites alongside sharing informaton about ourselves, and plurality as a whole.

If you want to reach out to us, we're mostly active on our Twitter. Our DMs are open for questions, but if you just want to talk to us then that's totally okay! (Availability may vary. Consciousness is tricky.)

If you want to know more about us as a collective, or us individually, check our About Us page. The emoji prefixes we use on twitter are also there, and on our headmate images below.

If you wish to see our headmates' pages on this site, they're all linked at the bottom of this page. The images are clickable!

If you came here to learn about plurality, we have a general explanation and a glossary.

If you came here to ask us a question, our page for that isn't up yet - throw us a Twitter DM.

Headmates' Websites

Click the images to get to the website! Do be warned that some pages play audio upon opening - these are signified with a red music note in the bottom right corner.
Host (Name Badge Emoji)

[twitter private]

Dakota (Star Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Jax (Yo-yo Emoji)

Twitter: @HellDwellerJax

Tessa (Sun Emoji)

Twitter: @Sunsetssa

Kayla (Lightbulb Emoji)

[too young for twitter]

Marion (White Square Button Emoji)

Twitter: @marimarimarion_

Nadia (Diamond with a Dot Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Vivian (Crystal Ball Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Glen (Gloves Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Natalia (Rosette Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Brooke (Umbrella Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Paige (Space Invader Emoji)

Twitter: @patchnotes_pn

Florence (Cherry Blossom Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Max (New Moon Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Hope (Jigsaw Piece Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Kae (Thermometer Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Robin (Hatching Chick Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Ava (Takeout Box Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Elle (Bell Emoji)

[no twitter account]

Headmate art taken from Picrew, Gacha Life and Danganronpa 2: Killing Harmony. Art, respectively, by @mewdokas, @amsrntk3, @mina_traumere, @Caphricina02, @largekun_, @miwasiba, our Host, @LunimeGames, N/A, @largekun_, @mina_traumere, Spike Chunsoft, Bomba, Excessive delusions, @amsrntk3, @iro_718, Bomba, @largekun_, and @largekun_. Emoji art taken from Apple and Twitter.

Background Photo by Hagerty Ryan, USFWS on Pixnio